Bodoland Lottery Result Today 16.4.2020 Morning,Aasam State Lottery 4:30 pm

Bodoland lottery Result Today 16.4.2020 Morning, Assam State Lottery 4 pm

We are very happy to know that you have come to our website to see the results of the lottery of the city of Bodoland. If you are searching for the Bodoland or Assam State Lottery result then you are absolutely right on our website. Bodoland Lottery result through website Bodoland State Lottery, Bodoland Lottery Live, Bodoland Lottery Sambad, Bodoland Lottery Result Today, Assam State Lottery, Assam State You can easily get the National Result Today Assam Lottery Live, Rosa Deer Diamond Rosa Series, Deer Series, Singam Kull, White Singam Series, Kull Series, Kumaran Vishnu Wave, Kumaran Series, Vishnu Series, Thangam Nallaneram Skill, Thangam Series, Nallaneram Series, Swarnalaxmi Gold,  on this website or the website gets all the results of the lottery in both PDF and screenshots on time by keeping their time standard.

Lottery Sambad 



Results in all the languages ​​in which the language is to be obtained are shown here. To see the result of the lottery, click on this website. C different times like Bodoland Lottery Result.

Bodoland lottery Result 

Assam State Lottery Result 4 pm


Bodoland lottery pdf result

The result of the lottery to be published in woodland is called Bodoland Lottery Result Morning. Through this website spread, the results of the Bodoland Lottery are displayed here in PDF and by the photo below you can easily see the lottery result. To see, you can use the refresh button so that you can get instant lottery results.

Bodoland Lottery Prize List

First prize——– 100000rs

Second Prize—3000rs

Third prize——1000rs

Government law Of Bodoland lottery

The lottery result going to Assam State was made a government site of some new and different lottery by the government of the state through which many other sites remember their loved ones, the result of the lottery which we call Assam lottery result or Bodoland lottery result We have been given the right to present at the scheduled time, so we present the result of that lottery at its scheduled time. The day of the lottery was started in 1992, the day the government there thought that if the gimmick is started, then the people of this place can be liberated from unemployment and the state can also be developed in Bulandshahr. To play the national game to be held, you have to buy a lottery ticket from that city and come to our website and see your result.

Bodoland lottery Result Schedule

The lottery game in the city of Bodoland is called Bodoland State Lottery Nagaland Lottery Result. The ticket for this lottery is sold for just ₹ 2 and the prize money in this lottery game is divided into three parts, the first prize winner will get ₹ 50000. The recipient of the second price is given at 7000 and the third person receiving the third price is given ₹ 3000. This lottery ticket is absolutely cheap. It can be easily purchased by the people from there by purchasing this lottery ticket to see the pyramids of the Egyptian pyramids that you know well. 1 people who played a lottery game in Woodland State, if If you want, you can also play a role in wandering the Egyptian pyramids by buying a lottery ticket and winning it, a person thereafter winning the lottery Built a pyramid at home that looks like the Egyptian pyramid

Assam State lottery Result

You are well aware that there is a tea cultivation in Assam or a state surrounded by mountains, it is a huge task to get here, so the Assam government started a game called Easy State Lottery i.e. Assam Lottery Result The people there liked to play. The ticket for the play of this drama is only ₹ 2 as shown above and the prize money is only ₹ 50 but by purchasing a ticket of ₹ 2, ₹ 50 Stem huge thing called the letter of the game, Assam state lottery results in Assam State

History of Bodoland lottery

Bodoland is a language and there is also a state which is adjacent to Assam or was a very sensitive and backward state, people used to live in the forests here, the government felt that the lottery game should be started in this state. People started or liked the game so this lottery share is also called the Bodoland Lottery Dialog. Result of lottery played in Shri State 7 in the evening It comes at 00, many people have become rich by playing this state lottery. You know that Anil Ambani, the richest man of India, had reached there to speak with whom he met or did the lottery game on Tuesday in 1992. He went that he believes that Tuesday is the auspicious day, which is the day of Hanuman ji, playing the game of this lottery also benefits the government there, it develops the state there and every day. Gati whereby every person gets Rs. 50000





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