Does it serve an SEO strategy for BlackFriday?

Almost 70% of purchases made on “Black Friday” or Black Friday were made through the Internet. Therefore, this demonstrates that it is an online phenomenon that moves masses and, therefore, that millions of people consult and buy through the web. Although it is highly recommended to create an SEM strategy for this event, there are certain aspects of SEO that it is important to take care to achieve a good positioning during Black Friday . 

SEO tricks for Black Friday

One of the aspects that you should take care of is your website. And we are not talking about checking obvious aspects but about making sure that your website has a good responsive design. It is an increasingly mobile phenomenon. This makes us consider the importance of having a well adapted website.

Check that your server endures an “avalanche” of users. Make sure your page has the proper loading speed. In this way, people will have a good feeling and will not go to the competition to buy the product.

Take advantage of offering some kind of discount. You can use mail for your users or simply provide a code through social networks.

Advertise Undoubtedly, use all possible channels to emphasize your offers. Make a good advertising campaign, as in the previous point, send emails, publish it on networks, write articles on your blog with the best discounts …

You can create a lottery that makes more people access your website and, therefore, a fantastic strategy.

Therefore, take advantage of the BlackFriday phenomenon and create SEO actions that enhance your purchases: grant greater authority, bet on discounts and make a good promotion. It is a fantastic opportunity, since being so close to Christmas there are many who take the opportunity to buy the desired products with greater discounts.

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