Does SEO help the security of a web page?

Surely by now you know that security is an essential factor if you have a website. It is important to make security when browsing much greater, preventing devices from becoming infected by malware. It is also essential for anyone to enter our accounts. The security of the web pages is positioned, therefore, as something fundamental. Is it true that SEO helps the security of websites?

SEO and its relationship with website security

SEO is a type of organic positioning that is responsible for positioning the website in the search engine. It includes all the actions that can be performed both onPage and OffPage to be able to appear in the top positions of search engines such as Google. Among these actions you can find cale words, page loading speed, image optimization …

One of the things we can do to improve SEO is the spam block. It is possible that our website suffers attacks through which they try to distribute junk messages. This, in addition to being a very serious fact, also damages our positioning. It will be causing us to lose credibility and, at the same time, present a fairly large security issue for our users.

Therefore, you can use SEO optimizers that help you review content for messages that are considered spam. This helps both to improve the positioning and to increase the security of the page.

  • SSL certificate If there is something really important it is obtaining the SSL security certificate. Google, for example, gives more value to the pages that have it. This makes SEO positioning much better. In addition, when browsing an encrypted page we keep our information and our data safe.
  • Search malware on our website. Sometimes it can happen that malicious code is injected into our website. These files can be a threat. That your page is free of these viruses will improve the positioning. They adversely affect adware, fraudulent links, Phishing attacks … All this negatively affects positioning, so checking our website for malware helps seo and security.
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