Does the Burger menu affect SEO?

While it is true that complex websites were used before, today it is very common to use more minimalist and modern web pages that improve the user experience. The disappearance of the traditional menu is something very characteristic of these new pages. For this, the typical menu disappeared and an icon known as ‘burger type menu’ was incorporated.

How does the burger menu affect SEO

First of all, we must understand that Google positively values ​​the pages that provide a good user experience. That is, those pages that, when we enter, we find everything we want and need in an easy and simple way. However, if you go to a page and you can’t find what you are looking for, you would say that the user experience is quite bad.

A bad user experience directly affects SEO. A negative experience reduces the number of visits. Therefore, from SEO to the square we do not recommend changing the traditional menu for a burger type menu. Although everything depends on the type of web, it is usually not a good idea.

Among the positive aspects of this menu is that it is increasingly used and, therefore, many users know it and know how to find it. In addition, it provides a more organized and clean and mobile and tablet optimizes space better.

However, on the negative side, there are many users who are not yet familiar with it, so many feel frustrated. It is sought that an additional click is given each time the website is searched. The content of the icon is hidden, so its length is unknown.

For all this, we must take into account the sector to which we are dedicated and our public. On websites of artists and professionals related to innovation and creativity it is a good idea. Similarly it is a good option for responsive formats.

It is not recommended if the user is an elderly or conservative person.

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