Domains that position better in SEO

If you are thinking of creating your website and want it to be oriented to improve your SEO positioning, it is very important to choose the domain well. Which domains position better? The domains have two parts, the name and the extension of it and both the one and the other includes a lot in SEO.

Domain extensions are of transcendental importance. These extensions may be different, but they can also help us make combinations of keywords in the domains.

Types of domain extensions and combinations

As much as you read out there, there are two types of domain to consider. On the one hand you have global domains, such as’ .com ‘,’ .net ‘,’ .org ‘… And, on the other, you have geolocated or territorial domains,’ .es’, for Spain, ‘.it ‘leg Italy …

You can combine names and extensions for SEO. Use your creativity and take advantage of:

  • Name + extension = keyword. You can make the extension and domain name form a keyword.
  • Name + Extension + word URL = keyword . You can get the combination of the three to result in a keyword that positions in turn.
  • Name + extension = keyword + word URL = Another keyword . This time we can get the name + extension to form a keyword that adds a word to the URL.
  • Domains with geolocated name + global or generic extension . You can put your domain with the city and, in turn, put the ‘.com’. In this case it will position for both.
  • Domains with global objective + geolocated extension. You should know that if you have the extension ‘.es’ you will be telling Google that you want your product to position in Spain, so it will be more complicated to position it outside.

In addition, for your peace of mind, it is good that you know that for your SEO, the .com domain has no greater value. For SEO all global or generic domains are the same.

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