Google my Business and geolocation: How to improve geoseo

Online marketing does not stop growing and advancing. Change very fast and what yesterday served you to appear first may be insufficient today. Keeping an online strategy up to date requires time and dedication. And above all it requires that we be very up to date with the changes that may arise. One of the tools that can help you as a business is Google My Business . Let’s see what it is and how the geoseo improves.

Every time we see more clearly that Google is trying to geolocate all the services and products that people look for in their search engine. While it is true that we used to fight for the best keywords, it seems that the way we perform searches has changed to such an extent that users now perform location queries. Then the geolocated searches and Google Maps were born. When we want to position a customer for an activity in a given location, it is best to use Google My Business.

Google My Business tricks

The registration process is like the other Google programs: really simple. Once you have filled in all the information with the correct information of the company. After this step you will receive a letter to verify your business and that it is you who has registered the service. If the customer already has an account, it will be enough to access it and modify the data that is wrong.

The problem that usually happens with this tool is duplicity. This can be one of the main errors and threats for any campaign we want to carry out from local SEO. Therefore, if you have an account for your business, it is important to edit that and not create another. If we find that there are chips from our store that are not ours and are affecting us, we can request to be the administrator to, later, be able to delete them.

To optimize your Google My Business profile you need to fill in:

  • The name of the company. This must be 100% real, along with the address and phone number. Be careful with over-optimization. Be honest and you will avoid problems.
  • Goods and services. When you fill in the name of the company, remember to check the “I offer goods and services in the location” section. If this form is easier to segment. You can add a link to the Google My Business tab in your web footer. It is beneficial for SEO.
  • Use the correct categories of your business.
  • Opening times. You must be honest and mark the real hours at which your business is open.
  • Description . In the presentation make the appropriate description, as wide as possible, about our company. You must give details of your activity and services. This must be original, as it helps local SEO.
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