How 5G will affect digital marketing

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and now, we can talk about 5G connectivity. Do you know how 5G will affect digital marketing? The first thing we should know is that 5G will do much more than increase and improve our connectivity. 5G will change the entire digital world as we know it . We tell you how it will affect us.

By changing the way we interact, the way of marketing and advertising will change. There are two key points of connectivity that 5G will change. On the one hand, we talk about speed and, on the other, about data.

How 5G will affect digital marketing

Although 5G is still not fully implemented, marketing experts say it will be completely transformative. This new technology will allow quite significant amounts of data to be processed. In addition, the speed will be greater than 4G, specifically between 10 and 100 times faster than today. This means that, for example, users can access the Internet on a greater number and variety of devices at the same time .

Advertisers, advertisers as well as publishers should prepare. The 5G will revolutionize the digital environment in which we find ourselves. The loading times of the ads on any device will be basically instantaneous. In addition, it will significantly decrease bounce rates, increase clicks and improve our ROI.

With a faster loading of virtually all pages, it is likely that Google will change its algorithm again , adapting to this situation. Although currently, loading speed is one of the most important factors, the truth is that it will give even greater importance.

With this, the customer will be less patient for digital storage l. Therefore, it will be essential that companies invest in stability and accessibility of their infrastructure, on the web and mobile devices.

If the video is of great importance today as a marketing strategy, with 5G it will multiply . Experts predict that HD video and live streaming will be even more ubiquitous . In addition, 4k and 8k streaming videos are expected to be the order of the day.

In addition, this increase in speed will lead to access to real-time analytics. This means that it will be possible to optimize and modify marketing campaigns on the fly, especially with automation and artificial intelligence.

5G will also affect the location. Real-time services will be smarter. In addition, it will provide greater reach, as it will present opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers who would otherwise use ad blockers.

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