How Breadcrumbs influence the SEO of your website

Do you know the term Breadcrumbs or “bread crumbs” in web design? These are some elements that help users navigate within your page. They also help them to know in which part or section of your website they are. Therefore, it is very important that you consider them when creating the design of your online store.

“Breadcrumbs” are all those elements that help answer questions such as: what page am I on? How can I return to the previous page? These are at the top of the page and provide us with an overview and quite simple to understand where we are. It is a kind of “path” that goes from the home page to the point where you are. However, we must not forget that these elements or levels must include a link that is visible and allows the user to go back with a simple click.

The idea is to improve user experiences by improving the navigation system. However, in addition to helping users, you will also be helping Google determine how your page structure is. In this way, you will also be optimizing the SEO of your online store.

Advantages of breadcrumbs in SEO

The “bread crumbs” have many advantages in our eCommerce and some are:

  • Google loves that your page consists of bread crumbs. These can be used to show them in the search results, so they help the user find you and, in addition, it is usually much more attractive to them.
  • It helps reinforce keywords. You can use breadcrumbs to display the keywords that interest you the most. By taking this step, you are telling Google that word is important and, therefore, shows you more in your searches.
  • Improves bounce rate and residence time. If your page is more usable for the user, it will stay longer on it, you will reduce your bounce rate and have higher conversions.
  • Improves user experience. Imagine entering a web page or an ecommerce and being lost, without knowing where to navigate. If the user finds this difficulty of not being able to move, we will be destined to leave the web. It would be a bad experience for the user.

Now that you know the importance of a good Breadcrumbs, do you want us to help you?

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