How SEO influences perceptions Marketing

Marketing does not refer to a war of a better product or a more competitive price. Marketing is based on feelings and perceptions. That is why it is always the end customer who is in the middle of the strategy. Moreover, the marketing of perceptions shows that the best product is not the one that sells the most, but the one that appears more positively in the mind of the consumer.

Perception marketing is responsible for changing user choices. In the same procedure millions of different perceptions can be generated. In this sense, it is this type of marketing that makes a user have an idea about a specific company.

What is perceptions marketing and how does it affect

The marketing of perceptions is closely related to the brand image. the law of perception shows the characteristic of assimilating the opinion of a group over the individual. However, it is important to know that the perceptions that a user has about a brand are difficult to change, although this is the marketing of perceptions.

To do this, you have to listen to what your target talks about you. How? Very easy. You have to use social listening. That is, discover what they say about you to change it. You must identify the needs, interests and wishes of your customers. Nowadays, users have increasingly complex demands. They want speed, efficiency, convenience, relevance and customization. So try to segment your audience, find out what moves them to consume and cover their needs.

The SEO directly affects the marketing of perceptions. It consists of creating a good brand image to create positive perceptions in consumers about our brand. So, take care of your positioning practices and you will soon begin to see the results.

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