How visual search influences SEO positioning

The ways of selling on the Internet are constantly advancing and changing and it is necessary to know how to adapt in order to sell the product or service we have. In this sense, the visual is gaining more and more followers. In this sense, Visual Search has more and more followers and, therefore, there are more and more applications that can help us. Within this panorama , we are going to see how Visual Search influences SEO positioning.

Currently there are many spaces that already apply this technique to their form of sale, such as ASOS, the online clothing store. This technology provides a great economic opportunity, in addition to opening a whole world for ecommerce.

What is Visual Search?

Visual Search is a term that refers to the professorship of performing a search using artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. To do this, use all the components of a visual image. Start developing at the same time the user logs in. After this, related images will begin to appear. The search engine does not really recognize the images but the data associated with them.

Basically, Visual Search uses an image as a query method instead of text. To do this, identify different objects within the image and then perform a search in which you find related content.

In order for brands to adapt to this new trend, it is necessary to know that search engines are already able to index images and videos. Therefore, it is crucial to make a good positioning so that our images appear in the search engines. To do this you have to complete the alternative text, create image maps, SEO titles and image content that is original. It is important to do it because the user no longer needs to type to perform a search. Just take a picture and wait for results.

Therefore, to make a good SEO in searches, it is necessary to pay attention to alternative labeling, image optimization, schema marking and metadata. The last two have great importance in visual SEO.

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