Improve SEO with internal linking

When trying to improve search engine optimization , we often look for links from outside or create more content. However, there are factors that we set aside and really are also important. For example, internal linking.

For example, it is quite common to have a URL that we do not finish positioning well. However, we do have certain contents that have many visits and are of interest. In this sense, competition can be extended using internal linking.

Importance of internal linking

The internal link will show the search engines what we consider most important on our website. Either by the number of links that reach each URL, as the need for clicks to be made to reach a certain URL from the home of the web.

The internal PageRank is important. Pagerank is the strength of a URL based on incoming links. However, although many considered that this pagerank was based on external links, the truth is that it also applies to internal links over which we have full control. That is, the internal pagerank management will add points in our SEO strategy.

The more links that point to a URL and the more strength the links have, the more strength they will give to that URL and the more relevance Google will provide. In general, the URL within a website that has more strength is the Home.

Well, a good SEO strategy would be to analyze the distribution of links from that URL. You should not worry, because you don’t have to do the pagerank calculations yourself, nor will you have to create the links. You can get in touch with us and we will be happy to enhance your SEO positioning, creating different strategies among which you will find the internal linking.

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