Kerala lottery result today PDF 16.4.2020 Kerala State Lotteries

Kerala Lottery result Today 16.4.2020 PDF Kerala State Lotteries


Are you thinking to see about Kerala lottery result and if you are not getting the right information about the lottery game happening in Kerala State from anywhere and about the result you can get from this website then Lottery to be done in Kerala State through Kerala State Lottery, Kerala Lottery Result Today, Kerala Lottery Results Live, Kerala Lottery Result, Kerala Lottery, Jolt Evening Kerala Lottery Result, Morning Results, can be easily viewed through this website through PDF format and image or through their marks, each result is represented in its different form on this website. There is a lot of money in the state of Kerala and the prize money for the lottery is also different.










There are many different types of discussion in this lottery game in Kerala State. Second lottery and winter rainy season so different lottery Ase summer Different lotteries are played on days, called summer bumper lottery, rainy season bumper lottery, and Ritu bumper lottery. Similarly, in 1 year 5 months, a bumper lottery is also called different months and seven days in a week.

The lottery is played by names. All these lottery names are shown in the lines given below. Lottery time is 3:00 PM sometimes or lottery is 3:00 AM 48 minutes It also comes on T, it means that the result of lottery game to be held in Kerala State is between 3:00 to 3:48 at any time, so you should refresh the refresh button on this website, which when Till you do not see your result, if you are not able to see your result then you do not need to be worried.

Kerala Weekly Lottery Result Today

We also call the weekly lottery in Kerala State as it is played 7 days a week and each day the fort tree is known by their name. The result will have to be searched for. Similarly, the lottery game played on Monday day is called Win-Win Lottery. The lottery game played on Tuesday is female. The lottery says that the Akshara lottery is played on Wednesday, in the same order, Karunya plus lottery is played on Thursday, Nirmal lottery result on Friday and Pune Kurnia lottery on Saturday. All this lottery starts playing at 3:00 pm and 4 PM.

Kerala Lottery Today result




Main Fact oF Kerala Lottery

It is very important to keep the following points in mind when buying a lottery ticket

1 – If you have purchased a lottery ticket, first you write your name, mobile number and address on the back of the lottery ticket so that no one can misuse your lottery.

2 – Keep the digits given above the lottery ticket so that even after losing the lottery ticket, you do not face any inconvenience in seeing your result.

3 – To see the result of lottery in Kerala State, choose the right website, which will enable you to get the correct information easily and promptly, do not forget to go to the website because you are given wrong information there. Might

4 – From the government website provided by the government, you also have a website where you can get your results exactly.


Ticket Price And Prize Money


The price of a lottery ticket to be held in Kerala State is also different. The value of a lottery ticket played on each day is fixed at ₹ 30. Similarly, if you are a full-fledged military who played on Sunday, If you want to book a ticket of ₹ 500 then you have to add ₹ 700. The reward amount of this battery is also different. The recipient of the first price is given a ₹ 7000000 reward, in which there 19 lakh by car is taken as the average income tax commission agent ₹ 700000 would have to win that prize only 44. 10 lakh rupees are available. Similarly, if you are playing a lottery game on a Monday, then you will have to buy a ticket of ₹ 30 again and book it for a ₹ ₹ 700. 6500000 rs has been kept out of the prize money of this lottery, about 1900000 rupees is taken as income tax by the Government of Kerala State, after that the ticket sold by the agent is approximately ₹ 600000.

The remaining prize is taken to the customer, in this order about 30 percent tax which we call income tax is collected by the government of Kiran State from the prize money of the lottery of the week, after that about 5 by the agent. Between Rs 700000 is deducted, after which the remaining amount is in the settlement, between 40 to 5000000 is given to the Wow customer but after seeing the Kerala lottery result these The funds for a common man

Kerala Lottery Timing

Within this time frame, the result of the Lotan field in Kerala State is published in the name of Kerala Lottery Result, as you are told in the above list that this lottery game is different from its own. There are also some lotteries known by the names of days, which come 6 times in 1 year, which we call the Monthly Lottery. Lee eats the lottery as a Christmas lottery. Similarly, we call the lottery game to be held in Holi. In the game of the Christmas lottery, the prize money has been kept as ₹ 8000000. In this order, Holi Deepawali is also held on other festivals. A bumper is organized for which the prize money is given ₹ 8000000. It is played through the National Sports Agent, due to which the agent also has some drawbacks from this lottery. Not taken

History Of Kerala Lottery Result


The history of lottery games to be held in Kerala State is very old. In 1967, the game of lottery was inaugurated. Lottery in Kerala State was inaugurated by the Finance Minister of the state. The name comes in the year 1962, when there was an impact of poverty and education in your district, the whole purpose of starting this lottery game was this lottery game. Yes, unemployment had to be eliminated and development of the state there was also necessary.

Due to a lack of funds, this lottery game was started. Starting a game of pea, a person was given a ticket of ₹ 30 to ₹ 700 A rule has been made to book in it, ie one person will make a ticket for Rakhi in ₹ 700, if one crore people take such tickets, then we get the benefit of about 7 crores, then around 80 lakh of them That reward is given 30% of the tax there. The reason the government takes over is that only one crore people cannot buy a lottery ticket every day, with that 30% tax, the development of that state, that is, road safety and education, fully contributes to the three, who takes the lottery ticket long.

Like the Egyptian pyramids, he can build a pyramid at his home as well. The desire is his money. His lot is the Kerala lottery result for any common man. If you are looking for Kerala lottery result, Kerala state lottery result, Kerala Evening lottery result or Kerala lottery dialog, etc. then you can bookmark this website so that you are not inconvenienced in finding the result.

Law Of Kerala Lottery Result Today

If you have any lottery related problem, then on this website a compact form will be made available to you. If you are having any problem in blackjack, then you must tell us in the comment box below that we will provide you the Kerala State Lottery’s Complaint Form. If you can get it submitted correctly, then there will be full help from the government.

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