Long Tail SEO: what it is and what it is for

Having good search results in SEO is necessary to find customers and position ourselves ahead of the competition. In this sense, using long tail words becomes almost a necessity. Long tail or long tail keywords are a wonderful way to become quite competent in SERPs, considering that it is difficult to compete with large surfaces.

However, it is not just about improving your competitiveness. The truth is that you can take advantage to expand the ability to position your content. That is, you can improve the ability to appear in search results by expanding the keywords you already use.

It is also one of the best positioning options when we are thinking about specializing in a market. That is, if you move within a micro market, using long tail keywords is the best way to highlight your product.

What are the keywords Long Tail

The Long Tail Keywor of the long tail keywords is a technique used to access smaller or niche markets. The long tail represents a way to focus business models. This consists of segmenting these models by attributing them to a niche market. That is, it is a logical evolution of marketing. It is a form of specialization, rather than being in a global position.

Within marketing in general and positioning in particular, search results are diversifying. This opens a door to new markets that are less competitive, but that are much better for positioning: they are more specialized and, therefore, the conversion rates are higher. Generally, those people who are looking for us are because they really want to consume our product or service.

Micronichos have less competition and greater ease of positioning. The bad news is that they demand a smaller volume of services. The good news is that, as we have seen, conversions are greater than with other products or services. The money invested will see benefits.

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