Methods of any type of investment

Methods of any type of investment

How to invest your money in the stock market

If you want to invest your money in a company or stock market, then there are many different ways to invest it. Sometimes money can be invested through bank also in your company or in shops. In the same way, you can invest your money in the stock market also, in order to make money in the stock market and the company, we have to take complete information about that company, what percentage of the profit that company will give us if we If you are investing your money in that company, then it is necessary to know how many percents of our share will be made in that company, according to the same share, we invest in our fund, the bank also helps us for fund investment.

As an employee, as a businessman in

If we want to take a loan then we can invest in any company or our own company by taking a loan from the bank. How does it mean to invest money like we are opening shopping goods, then how much budget will be in it And how much money will have to be invested in it? This is the way we put our money on the company whose stock is going to be in the stock market as if we feel that the stock market of gold is going to be high, then we share the stock of the gold company Markets buy as the rate of that company increases, we come and sell the shares in that company, and they make as much money as profit.

 As a Businessman – As a Businessman

We have been shown different ways to invest our money here like Investors as a shopper as owners as an employee as the customer as a wholesaler as a retailer as shopkeepers Etc. There are many ways in which we can earn money by importing and exporting our money for a product, if we want to start our business in a new way, then we can start our business by taking a loan from the bank. The way we start is called fund investment.

What are Investment funds

Investment funds are one of the best tools to channel the savings of individuals. In the recently concluded financial year, the profitability achieved by the Spanish funds touched 7%, the best in the history of these vehicles. Of course, the previous year investors lost an average of 4.8%: 2018 was the worst year since there are records. After this pendulum swing, what can small customers expect for the coming year? What products should they opt for?

“With my clients, I am very clear, the most important thing when planning investment is to sit down with them to analyze what their expectations and needs are. From there, you can start building a portfolio, “explains Ana Fernández, founder of the financial advisory firm AFS Financial Advisors.

To start, you have to analyze fixed income. In recent decades, investing in bonds has been very profitable. In many cases almost more than investment in the Stock Market. However, monetary policies promoted by central banks, especially the European Central Bank, have brought the price of money close to 0%, which makes it very difficult to obtain good returns on this asset.

Funds such as CaixaBank Global Invest (which increased by 27% in 2019) or Bankinter Sustainability (with an 8.8% average annual return in the last five years) can be a good option for those clients who want to bet on the International stock market.


Achieving some profitability in the midst of the sub-zero interest rate era may seem like an impossible mission. More than half of sovereign debt in the eurozone offers negative returns, and also many corporate debt issues. Still, experts believe that opportunities can be found in the bonds of some emerging companies that do not have the highest credit rating and in the sovereign debt of these countries.

Vontobel TwentyFour Strategic Income. It is one of the favorite funds of the Abante Asesores analysis team for its most conservative clients. It is a global fixed income fund that looks for opportunities among a wide variety of fixed-income assets. The fund invests in public debt, corporate debt, securitizations … At the moment it maintains a significant commitment to financial subordinated debt (mainly from the United Kingdom). “In portfolios that invest globally, it is an excellent diversifier,” he explains. The fund has rented 3.4% on average in the last three years.

Aberdeen Standard SICAV I-Emerging Markets Corporate Bond. Corporate debt in emerging countries is usually one of the most neglected in fixed-income funds, but, according to most analysts, in 2020 it can offer very good returns. “We especially like this Aberdeen vehicle. Its managers have achieved good consistency in obtaining returns ”, explains Carlos Aguado, a fund analyst at Andbank. Its average annual yield in the last five years has been 4.74%
DIP Conservative Multiasset. It is a multi-asset fund managed through a quantitative model with great flexibility in managing its portfolio. “Its managers focus on minimizing losses and the maximum that it can assume on the stock market and raw materials is 25% of equity,” explains Francisco Julve, from the A&G Private Banking fund selection team.
u Arcane Low Volatility European Income. It is a high yield corporate credit fund of euro issuers with a short-term focus. “The team has extensive experience selecting these types of bonds, focusing on free cash flow and leverage measures,” says Ozaeta of Abante. The fund achieved a return of 5.65% in 2019.

Abante Biotech. It has been one of the revelations products in 2019, accumulating profitability of more than 40%. “We believe it has great potential for long-term appreciation,” says Ozaeta. The fund invests in companies in the health and biotechnology sector, sectors that are already demonstrating their growth potential regardless of movements in the market.

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