SEO Alert: Google changes the rules again!

SEO positioning is essential for companies . However, it requires being constantly informed, since Google changes the rules of the game quite often. In this regard, he has just released a Core Update, but has not provided many details about it.

It is normal that when Google warns that there will be changes, marketing managers get a little tense. What will change? Should I change my strategy then? How will these changes impact search results?

However, it has just announced one of the most important changes in recent years. From now on, the ‘nofollow’ links will also count towards positioning. In addition, he has assured that he will launch two new attributes for the links. What does this change in positioning imply?

Nofollow link: what it implies

Many years ago (around 15) there were many users who were dedicated to filling the pages of others with their own links, something that some still do. It is quite common in portals and groups. When webmasters mark these links with the ‘nofollow’ attribute they are telling Google search engines that these are not relevant links and, therefore, that they do not want them to affect the positioning. Precisely for this Google created the attribute ‘nofollow’.

On the contrary, when we mark a link as ‘dofollow’ we are telling Google that there is no problem in sharing this ranking with the page to which it is pointed. Getting dofollow links naturally is one of the most common practices.

New attributes for links

However, Google now believes it is necessary to change the way in which it considers the ‘nofollow’ links. According to Google, the Internet has changed a lot and therefore also the way of interacting. Consider then that the link ‘nofollow’ must advance. For this, Google has created two new attributes for users: ‘sponsored’ and ‘UGC’. What do they mean?

‘sponsored’ is an attribute that webmasters can now use to say that this link is an advertisement, publicity or that some company has paid for that link to be there. In this way, you provide a transfer to Google.

‘UGC’ is the attribute used to indicate that a content has been generated by the user. UGC stands for User Generated Content, and refers, for example, to comments made in a publication.

From now on, Google will count both types of links, as well as the ‘nofollow’ tracks. That is, it will stop excluding it when looking at a website and positioning it.

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