SEO for apps, the great unknown of positioning

One of the most important aspects of SEO positioning is SEO for apps, also known as ASO positioning. This refers to the SEO work done for mobile applications.

According to various studies, we Spaniards have about 16 intact applications. Removing some typical ones that are common to almost all Spaniards: whatsapp, facebook or gmail, the others we must choose them ourselves. And this is where ASO positioning is especially important. Being among the best positioned aps increases your chances of a user deciding to install on your phone.

Most applications are discovered in the download channels. This means that it is important to be well positioned. Thus, when a user performs a search, we will appear.

Important factors in the ASO

In the ASO positioning different factors influence: number of downloads, appear among the trends, that the user experience is good, the frequency of use or the low of the service … To these factors we must add later the typical ones of the positioning: keywords, qualifications or linkbuilding.

In the ASO it is essential to have some internal factors in mind, such as the title, description, image or who has developed it. However, there are other external factors that also directly influence.

For all this it is important to understand that it is necessary to be constantly working on the positioning to prevent the downloads from slowing down and falling. ASO, like SEO, is a medium-long term strategy. Precisely for that reason, it is best to make a good promotion of the app. You must position the app on different channels, such as social networks, the app’s website, a blog … Everything that allows you to keep the app alive in time.

Therefore, among the factors that you must take care to have a good positioning ASO is:

  • The name of the app: simple, easy to remember, pronounce and search.
  • App icon: The icon should be simple, with few colors and easy to recognize.
  • Show app captures
  • Make a description of the app with keywords
  • Bet on the keywords
  • Having good reviews will be essential

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