Seo On Page: what it is and how it can help us

If you are carrying out an SEO positioning strategy, you should know all the factors that can influence. Optimizing SEO positioning is the best way to increase business visibility and, for this, you must take care of Seo On Page. The SEO On Page covers part of the content and part of the web optimization of the page.

SEO On Page is the set of optimizations and actions carried out within the website itself. The idea is to improve your search engine positioning and increase traffic organically. If you have an eCommerce, working SEO On Page is completely essential. You must have your page optimized for the search engines. It is necessary that all products are indexed and that they receive the correct authority.

The first thing you should know is that tracking and indexing is not the same, but they do go hand in hand. There can be no indexing without tracking. The first thing that is done is to track a URL, it is analyzed by the robot and can be indexed or not. A URL can be crawled but not indexed.

Essential factors to improve On-Page SEO

If what you want is to have a correct SEO on Page, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Web architecture. It is responsible for allowing robots to access all the products of our eCommerce.
  • URL’s . It is important that your URLs are friendly. In this way, both users and robots can better understand the content they are going to. For example, if you use PrestaShop, this allows you to form friendly urls thanks to the product name.
  • Internal links Together with the web architecture, the internal link has a very important role when it comes to tracking product listings. The more internal links a URL receives, the greater its authority. Once you know what your main urls are and the ones you are most interested in positioning, make an internal linking strategy.
  • Title and description . The tittle and description tags play a key role in the CTR of a URL. It is important that our title and description take good care of the product to ensure that the people who click end up buying our product. If people who search for our product really have no interest in it, Google will position us worse.
  • Use the headings in your sections to give more or less importance to the sections.
  • Loading speed is also very important. Therefore, make sure your page goes fast if you don’t want to lose customers and positioning.

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