SEO tips to optimize your website in 2020

Although we are going to tell you how to improve your SEO for 2020, it is important to understand that there really are no tricks or shortcuts. The SEO positioning of a page depends, above all, on the analysis that Google performs of your website . This is what is known as an algorithm. Therefore, to position your page well on Google, it is best to create a strategy with a good base and start working on different aspects.

SEO tips to optimize your website in 2020

Google usually changes its algorithm quite regularly. Moreover, he usually does it several times a year. Although in many cases they are rather superficial changes, there are some important changes that make us have to change practically the whole strategy.

  • Optimization for voice searches. Among one of the most important issues, it is necessary to know that 50% of 2020 searches will be through voice. Not only do we talk about technologies like Ok Google or Siri, but with the domotization of homes with “Alexa”. Voice searches have about 25 words, so it will be necessary to type long tail keywords.
  • Adapt our website to local SEO. If you want to position yourself for local searches, you need to perform local SEO . One of the best ways is to open a Google My Business page. Here you will appear in searches that involve phrases that include “near me,” an address or a phone number. Look at the backlinks of your competition and try to get them for you.
  • Take advantage of visual searches. For this, it is essential to implement SEO for images. All images will need an ALT file name with keywords.
  • Create LinkBuilding strategies . The SEO positioning of 2020 will remain focused on quality content and, for this, it is necessary to have inbound links. Without link building you will not reach the first page of Google.
  • Use video marketing techniques . The video is in full swing and, therefore, according to CISCO data, 80% of online traffic in 2021 will be audiovisual. Therefore, it is essential that it is within your 2020 marketing strategy.

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