What are the pain points and how can you take advantage of them

Within the world of Marketing, emotional marketing has positioned itself as one of the key elements. It affects psychology about how everything affects the seller and the customer. One of the ways to achieve a good strategy may be pain points. We tell you what they are.

Pain points is what is called the search for gaps or problems that a consumer has. In addition, these are usually solved through the purchase of a specific product of our brand. Although the term ‘pain points’ may have a certain negative connotation, the truth is that it is not so.

It is important both to investigate the consumer in their lifestyle habits and to know what they think and say about our brand. The performance of different studies shows the problems that can be detected. The objective of companies is to meet the needs of consumers.

How sales improve pain points

The strategy that must be followed to increase sales depends in a certain way on the position of the company and its customers. A strategy to launch a new product is not the same as if we already have regular consumers. There are different techniques and we must mention some in particular.

The Inbound Sales is one of the best known. It is a sales method that focuses on the “pain points” of the customers. The idea is to make a query turning the sales process into customization. On this occasion, the person in charge interacts with the client seeking to reach their weak point and offering a solution to the problem.

It focuses on three stages:

  • Attract the consumer. This way we achieve a contact after the fixation of the company’s products by the consumer.
  • Interacting with interested people is essential. It is time to offer the opportunity to talk with people who have already shown an interest.
  • The product must be adapted to solve the needs. It is important that it is adapted to the needs of the client and thus ensure that you are satisfied and loyal to the brand.

That is, a strategy focused on pain points is nothing more than a strategy that seeks to find the weak points of users to meet their needs and build loyalty.

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