Why you should automate the email marketing of your online store

There is nothing more effective to optimize processes and win customers than email automation. It is one of the services that can help the Online Stores the most . So, if you have an eCommerce, we tell you all about the email Automation so that you are able to create your own campaign.

Advantages that Email Automation provides in your business

Among the advantages it can provide you, we find:

  • Direct response . Without a doubt, this is one of the main advantages of these emails. This is a direct response about something related to you, so they usually have a higher% opening. That is, having interacted with that brand, the email you receive is focused on your needs. Therefore, it is perfectly placed in the right context
  • Help the user within the Conversion Funnel. Without a doubt, another of the great advantages are the flows of the Email Automation is that they are composed of personalized messages. The main objective is to guide the user through the Conversion Funnel of your business. That is, it seeks to take the user to the next stage of the Funnel. Therefore, it is very important to know the stage you are in to know what type of message you should send.
  • Optimize time and resources . Undoubtedly, another advantage is precisely the optimization of time and resources. The benefit of this type of programs is that they allow you to manage a database and reach different segments as well as schedule the mail flows so that they are automatically triggered when the user has performed a certain action or meets X requirement.

Normally, if you have an eCommerce, one of your main objectives is to increase sales, another minimize your costs and, finally, loyalty customers. You can campaign for when a user leaves the cart, another campaign that focuses on the behavior of your online store, remarketing campaign for product visited …

So, start now! Transform each visit into an opportunity to purchase with a quality lead.

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