You know what the Domain Authority is and why it is important in SEO

Having a good domain authority is one of the main obsessions of most online businesses as it is necessary to achieve better search engine rankings. This is one of the most important factors to improve our position in the SERP.

The domain authority DA is a parameter that was created by the company MOZ. Give a domain score of 0 to 100. Suffice it to say that 0 is the lowest level and 100 is the highest. The Domain Authority was created after Google created its famous Pagerank.

It is important not to confuse the DA (domain Authority) with the Page Authority (PA. The first is the value of a website for search engines and the second is the value of internal prestige within its domain

What is the Domain Authority for?

DA is a quick way to know if we have a good rating. With this it is much easier to predict the result of the SERP. It is a very important and itilized tool in order to carry out link building actions. Identify the value of a website in terms of quality. Therefore, we will know if that link serves us for good or if it can harm us. Links to high authority sites greatly favor SEO. In addition, they are much more likely to end up providing traffic to our website.

The Domain Authority helps improve the visibility of your website. The higher the degree of authority of a domain, the better you will be positioning the website. In this sense, Google will position you better in its search engine, which in addition to favoring your SEO also translates into more visits and, therefore, also in more traffic,

Google spiders will cache our URLs more frequently, which will improve search results.

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